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Hand and Nail Care,

Clean, Precise, Beautyful


Acurate and esthetic care of hands and nails is the top focus of Portia at Jelwana Nails & Beauty for more than 10 years. Portia emphasizes especially cleanliness and accuracy at her work:

After thoroughly washing the hands, old layers of polish, shellac or GEL are removed. Special care is taken, not to damage the nail itself. Trimming of cuticles and removal of excess cuticle skin are the next steps.

For beautiful nails, a wide selection colors of polish, shellac or GEL is available. This includes French and Baby Boomer too. We are  exclusively using high quality liquid GEL, not powder GEL as applied in some other shops.

Glitter, Swarowski crystals oder individual nail art can further enhance the beauty. Naturally grown nails is our aim. Artificial nail extensions are only offered for special events like a wedding.

After the final shaping of the nail contour, a gentle hand massage will give you a pleasant relaxation.


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