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Finally we may open again - our Covid-19 protection measures


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Dear Clients,

finally after four months "Corona holidays" we may open again on March 1st.

Many little changes in the booking system of my website were implemented. We had to go deep into the PHP program code for this.

Opening now represents a big challenge for all of us. We must still be very careful in order to stay healthy.
Our existing comprehensive measures for hygene and protection against Covid-19 infections are therefore amended as follows:

- In every room we have an air filter,  which with its HEPASilent™-Technology reaches a filter efficiency of minimum 99,97% for particles greater than 0,1 mikrometer. These machines clean the entire air volume of the room two times per hour.  Viruses in aerosoles are removed and we do not have to open doors and windows for air exchange that often.

- When treating clients we are wearing an FFP2 mask permanently. The masks have to be changed and discarded every hour. This is a requirement of the work safety rules to be applied. 

To finance these safety measures  we will be charging 2,90 € additionally for every 1 hour treatment. If you cannot bring your own FFP2 mask, we will give you one.

I am convinced that you will value these measures and thank you for your understanding.


Portia, Nozi and Ralph


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