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Opening again March 1st ???

Pediküre comp

We may open on March 1st, but only for pedicures, was the news published first. The latest news now also include manicures and all other treatments we are offering.
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As for today February 23rd 2021 this is only unconfirmed news. But bookings may be made already starting today.

The Handwerkskammer München is writing:

Söder announces further openings for next week

The Bavarian Prime Minister Dr. Markus Söder announced further easing of the corona restrictions on February 22nd, 2021 as part of a CSU board meeting. In addition to hairdressers, providers of other body-friendly services - such as foot care - are to be allowed to resume operations on March 1st. These opening steps must be discussed by the Bavarian cabinet on Tuesday and then decided by the state parliament on Wednesday. Only then can the decision of the state parliament be implemented by amending the Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance. However, we do not expect the law to be changed until Thursday or Friday. We can advise you as soon as the new regulations are issued, but only then.

 P.S. by February 27 : In the meantime the new government order was published. We may open without any restrictions,  except for observing strict anti infection measures.


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